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Since 1954, Rotisol has been dedicated to producing the finest professional cooking equipment. Used by the world’s most notable chefs, Rotisol has recently adapted its most popular line of rotisseries to the residential market!

The quality of French cuisine is second to none, and exclusive rotisseries produced by Rotisol are born of this tradition of excellence. Setting a unique benchmark for home cooking, the Elegance, is designed to provide the creative cook with many exciting culinary experiences.
The “Elegance” is built to last a lifetime and gives a new dimension to your kitchen. For those who are only satisfied with the best, now is the time to indulge!

Why choose a Rotisol Rotisserie?
  • Healthier cooking process reduces fat and cholesterol
  • Roast to perfection a wide variety of products including chicken, turkey, prime ribs, fish, etc…. A perfect asset for parties or your daily use!
  • User friendly…

The “Elegance” has the following features:

  • Dependable and Durable:
    Rotisol uses a patented stainless steel burner, cast iron panels and refractory bricks for unequalled cooking performance and reduced energy consumption. The Elegance has a visible, cooking flame!!!
  • Independent and Adjustable Spits:
    Spits are adjustable in depth for a perfect cooking. This able you also to cook everything from a small Cornish hen to a 20-pound turkey. They can be adjusted without opening the doors thanks to the spit movers provided with the rotisserie. Each spit has its own independent motor, allowing you to use only as many as you need.
  • Versatile:
    The rotisserie is delivered with V-shaped prongless spits. Other spits & accessories are available that allow you to cook everything - ribs, fish, steaks, roasts, lamb, turkey, pork, vegetables, & fruit.
  • Tempered "K"-Glass door
Capacity: 6 chickens Width: 37 3/8”
Number of spits: 2 Depth: 22 1/2”
Net Weight rotisserie: 288 lbs Height: 29-1/3” with the protective decorative roof
Net Weight roof: 40 lbs  

Finish: standard in all stainless steel, with or without brass or chrome trims
Accessories: a variety of optional accessories available (see listing)
Comes with the protective decorative roof to enhance the dramatic display

Specification Gas: 1 burner – ¾” pipe
Gas Consumption: 28,000 Btu/h (natural) or 25,000 Btu/h (Propane)
Electric Power: 3.5 Amps - 220V Single Phase